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some happy kainoras because that last episode wreCKED me o(-<


some happy kainoras because that last episode wreCKED me o(-<

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Because why go outside (gasp!) and get involved when you can just like and reblog posts from the comfort of your home.

Because sometimes you’re young, and can’t leave your area, or parents won’t let You get involved. so the only thing you can do is spread the message so someone who can help will see it. 

"Aaaand made a comic to make people feel bad about themselves, when I’m not doing anything either. Gee that was good use of my time." 

holy shit this comic is so pretentious and out of touch with reality, I can’t even begin to imagine what fantasy world the artist lives in where

  1. everyone who wants to go to a protest is physically capable of going to a protest (cool fact: disabled activists exist and while some disabled activists can make it to protests, most can’t. wow. what a concept)
  2. everyone who wants to go to a protest can financially afford taking days off of work, can financially afford the possibility of being arrested for protesting, and can financially afford the possibility of hospitalization / going to the emergency room in the case of police brutality (all very real things for poor people. wow. who knew)
  3. activists are safe from physical danger. activists face not just police brutality but harassment by people opposed to their activism. and that’s not even taking into account the fact that even in activist spaces, women face the threat of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.
  4. where activists can accurately have their stories told to the general public, and can trust that their stories won’t be edited to make them look like awful people

wait that’s not the real world at all. home-bound disabled people exist (hi, I’m one of them), poor people exist (hi again), and women + NB ppl who are incredibly wary of men and the ever-present possibility of assault exist (hi). and that’s not talking about like, specific classes of people who are even more vulnerable to violence (disabled trans women of color to give you an idea) who might not feel safe being at a protest because someone might assault or murder them. you did not think this through at all.

y’know what icyarguments, I don’t doubt that there’s a handful of tumblr activists who don’t take (anti-racist) activism seriously and only reblog things about what’s happening in Ferguson so people don’t call them out on their apathy towards racism. but “tumblr activism” is legit; for a lot of poor folks, disabled folks, and women it’s a safe way to help get information out there. (Safe might be a bit of a stretch - lots of online activists receive tons of harassment and threats.) Protests don’t happen in a vaccuum. People learn about what they fight for not just on the street or in their lives but online. As an example: some women are going to be able to articulate what sexism is just from their lived experience, but others won’t, and a lot of women have found the words to articulate how sexism has hurt them by seeing information on tumblr. So. IDK, you’re kind of being a useless jerk here. Go read a book or something.

And that’s not even touching on your example of a ~worthwhile activism~. I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole.

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Jay's History - Day Three →


by NeriOfTinros

Tuesday – it was still a bit tiring to wake up, as the weekend had yet to wear off, but it was better than Monday. Most mornings were, though.

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So this is from mid-August when my family got some fortune cookies at a restaurant… these were some of the funniest ones we’d ever gotten. When my cousin showed me his (the third one) I couldn’t even read it out loud because it was so strange and unexpected I just kept laughing. XD

(Thank you to my other cousin for managing to take pics of these even though she wasn’t able to use a camera at the time, because I wanted to post them soon… and then I forgot to post them right away. XP )

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My own genderbend versions of the swim babes!! (●♡∀♡)



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give me a book about their entire lives and i’ll read the whole thing no matter how mundane it is


give me a book about their entire lives and i’ll read the whole thing no matter how mundane it is

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So, there are over 25,000 of ya’ll that follow me on Tumblr right now. Like…um, whoa?! That’s a whole lot of you awesome people. And that means it’s time for another follower giveaway!!!! As a big ol’ giant thank ya, I want to give out some fun goodies!


  • Must be following this blog!
  • Like and/or reblog this post to enter. Two entries max please!

that’s all!

TWO Winners are going to win:

  • FREE ART: MAX TWO Free Character Bust AND/OR Chibi! Bust Examples: (x) (x) Chibi Example: (x)
  • FREE ITEMS: MAX OF THREE free items from my store! (x) (possibly some random extras included!)

Giveaway will be going on until next Monday, September 8, 2014 and end at 12 A.M. EST! Three winners will be picked randomly, announced/tagged through a post, and contacted via askbox. Be sure to have it enabled! If there is no response within three days, an alternative winner will be selected!

Also, if you are not comfortable with giving your address for the items, please let me know and someone else will be selected for it!

Thank you again everyone for your continued support! You guys deserve all the hugs T_T ♥

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Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fantastic movie!”


"There were a lot of issues with GotG that should be addressed and Marvel should work on improving with future movies."


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Jay's History - Day Two →


by NeriOfTinros

Morning came, and with it the bright possibilities of a new day filled with hope. Oh wait, it was a Monday. Monday meant school.

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if i ever misgender you or use slang (bro, man, gurl, dude) that makes you feel even slightly uncomfortable please tell me because your gender identity and comfort is more important than any word i may use to refer to you

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From Wonder Woman #146, by Eric Luke, Yanick Paquette, Bob McLeod, 1999.


From Wonder Woman #146, by Eric Luke, Yanick Paquette, Bob McLeod, 1999.

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